I’m always envious of people whose Spotify Top 10 lists are full of interesting, brooding music and emerging artists. I am not one of those people. Last year, I got (appropriately) mocked by a few dear friends at work for being let’s just say a little too mature to have Hailee Steinfeld on my list. This year, one of my top five was Ella Henderson’s Take Care of You, and even though it puts me squarely in the Top 40 Pop genre/Basic territory, I’ve recently decided it might be the only mantra any of us need for 2021.

Here’s why…

Remote work at HubSpot
Remote work at HubSpot

At HubSpot, we are fortunate enough to be known for the products we build (CRM, marketing, sales, and services software for scaling businesses) and our culture, thanks in part to our Culture Code and organizations like Glassdoor and Comparably and Fortune for recognizing us as a Best Place to Work.

But because we’re well known for our culture, our team is inundated with requests for informational interviews, and our recruiters are….well, busy, always. Because we’re well known for our culture, our team is constantly being asked for information interviews. We recognize that we are extremely fortunate to be growing in…

A few of my incredible People Ops teammates, photo courtesy of Sandalwood Photo: https://www.sandalwoodphotoco.com/

Last week, JP Mangalindan wrote an article for Protocol about Chief People Officers, a role he cleverly called “The Worst Best Job in Tech.” If you haven’t read the article, you should consider it. The article documents the ups, downs, and challenges of high-profile Chief People Officers and the roles they assume in a world where employees, candidates, and customers have more information about the inner workings of a company than ever. At a dinner last night, some current MBA students asked me what I thought of the piece and if the “worst best job in tech” is worth pursuing.

Photo Credit (taken at the Boston’s Women’s March) by the amazing Alice Donovan Rouse http://alicekat.com/

In case you missed it, this week Alabama passed a law that both prohibits women from getting abortions (even in cases of rape or incest) and threatens doctors who continue providing abortion care to women with significant financial penalties. If you’re outraged, you should be. The law threatens the very health and safety of women, and at its core reflects a broader political swing that makes parallels to the Handmaid’s Tale both plausible and frightening.

To be clear, I’m angry on behalf of women in Birmingham, and will be donating and supporting the organizations nationally and locally doing work to…

HubSpot’s Culture Code

We are really fortunate at HubSpot to have a great culture that has won awards around the world. We also have a culture of sharing what we know, mistakes and all, with our customers, partners, and colleagues. But as we scale, the number of requests and questions we get outpace our capacity as a team, so I’ve started sending folks email responses and Google Docs to frequently asked questions. In the spirit of transparency (one of our values, after all), I’ve now shared all of the top questions we get with responses and links below — that way we are…

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Let’s be honest: it’s been a tough year for women. Not to say there haven’t been bright spots (from the Women’s March to the incoming Congressional class), but I will confess that between the Kavanaugh hearings to the newest data from Lean In and McKinsey, it’s sometimes hard to feel the progress that so many women (and men) have been fighting for for years.

It’s exhausting.

We’ve all explained #metoo more times than we can count, been asked to recount our own experiences of harassment to validate others, and oh by the way, received a clear message on how many…

HubSpotters Celebrating International Women’s Day (and a culture that celebrates and empowers women all year!)

At HubSpot, we are #blessed to have an award-winning culture, and along with those accolades come a lot of requests to “pick our team’s brain” on what we do and how. To be honest, our team may seem big to some, but we have big, ambitious goals, and we also want our People Ops team to have interesting and fulfilling lives outside of work, so I’m actively encouraging our team to say “no” to things so they can say “yes” to things that matter.

But in our hearts, we are inbound marketers, and we care deeply about sharing what we…

One recurring request I’ve heard at HubSpot recently is managers and individual contributors alike looking for resources on making teams more inclusive. As a response to this request I’m putting together a series of 10-minute practices that will set you on the path toward building more inclusive teams. For anyone outside of HubSpot, we’ll be publishing all of these practices on ThinkGrowth.org.

But first, let’s start with why

The Business Case: Inclusive teams make better business decisions 87% of the time. But if that’s not enough reason for you to consider 10x10, consider that your team members are more likely to stay at HubSpot, work harder…

I was on a panel a few weeks back and an astute student in the audience asked each panelist to share a book she had read recently with the audience. An all-female panel at an all-women’s college — the inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm in the room were all high. One panelist confessed that she had recently picked up a book “because she had never read a book with a female Asian protagonist before and she wanted to know what it felt like.”

My heart sank.

She’s not alone.

In 2016, women made up less than one-third of the protagonists in…

In December, I stood up in front of our 2000 person company and talked about fertility. I could lie and say it all went perfectly, but it didn’t.

I stumbled over a few points.

I turned a mildly embarrassing shade of pink 😳

And I confessed that years of Catholic school left me woefully unprepared for this moment in my career.

So trust me when I say that talking about fertility at work takes some getting used to.

It’s awkward. It feels like a throwback to 7th grade sex education for managers and employees alike. It comes with wanting to…

Katie Burke

Chief People Officer at HubSpot. Proud graduate of Bates College, MIT Sloan, and Space Camp. On the interwebs @katieburkie

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