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  • Alexandra Unger

    Alexandra Unger

  • Ben Clark

    Ben Clark

    Husband, dad, man of faith, and passionate about developing businesses that make the world better. @FutureWorlds

  • Jessica


    Head of People & Operations at Vortexa— passionate about finding the best people to join the Vortexa team and help us achieve our mission!



    JOUZGE is attitude, edge and kick-ass state of awesomeness. JOUZGE is something every GIRL is born with. What will you raise #TothePowerofGIRL ?

  • _


    Ferris Wheel of Turtles

  • Danii Turnbull

    Danii Turnbull

    Writing is one of my obsessions. On a journey to master my mind and body, sharing what I learn along the way. Tarot Reader, Fitness Junkie, Pizza Lover & Coach.

  • Patty Hurley Steinhardt

    Patty Hurley Steinhardt

  • David Henderson

    David Henderson

    PR & content marketing pro. Storyteller. Proud dad, photographer & juggler of many things. http://instagram.com/hendodave/

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