The Top 30+ Questions Candidate Ask about HubSpot

Our amazing team in Colombia connects with each other and their families.
  1. Our culture is predicated on autonomy so we are actively looking for people who like working independently but also highly value collaboration and transparency, so think about examples of when you have exhibiting autonomy. To me, autonomy has nothing to do with level or experience — if you’re working in retail, you can exhibit autonomy to adding personalization to an order or going the extra mile to solve for a customer or innovating on a new process and approach to help people that you share with your coworkers. So if you’re thinking of examples, focus on picking things that are real versus trying to impress your interviewer with a corporate example.
  2. We often refer to HubSpot as a teaching hospital — we really value growth mindset and folks who value feedback and are always seeking to get better, so consider how you lead with learning and growth in your own life or current career path as you think about the role you’re applying for.
  3. We value people who make our culture better versus who aim to try to fit it — our new hires in the last year have pushed us with great ideas and input on hybrid culture, brought in concepts from other companies that can make ours better, and shared traditions that they are adopting within their own teams. As an example, we had an event in November to learn from our VP of Central Strategy and Operations, Chris Hogan, that was entirely generated by a team lead on our recruitment suggesting a concept she had seen work well at her previous company. The best people add to our culture, not fit it, so I hope this helps for clarity on how we think about it here.
Our new Chief Product Officer, Steph Cuthbertson, with some awesome POPS and product folks in our Coffee Garden.
This was my only chance to see our Ireland team IRL over the past two years and we made it fun, masks and all!
Missing a few VIPs, but our People Operations Leadership team made it out for one nice dinner in the last three years, it’s the little things in a pandemic!!




Chief People Officer at HubSpot. Proud graduate of Bates College, MIT Sloan, and Space Camp. On the interwebs @katieburkie

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Katie Burke

Katie Burke

Chief People Officer at HubSpot. Proud graduate of Bates College, MIT Sloan, and Space Camp. On the interwebs @katieburkie

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